Crossfire Eyefinity upgrade question

Heres my setup and I am wondering if its worth getting a 2nd video card, will it boost my performance or only slightly?

A single HD 5770 Sapphire Vapor running 3 ASUS VH236H 23"

I just seen now for this May long weekend that Newegg has the same video card on for cheap, how much of an upgrade would it give me is the question ive been looking on the internet for but cant find any. I'm going on the assumption there on single monitor play because it has not been mentioned that they have eyefinity running.

Intel Core i7 860
G. Skill (4x2GB sticks)
MSI P55-GD65 mobo

I play BC2 and looking to play the new Battlefield3 when its released. Also dabble in WoW and Dirt2, and I like my graphics high

Thanks for any replies :D

After an hour of searching I found this for crossfire with the 5770 and others as well

I think I shall order the card, and if anyone can still give me some feedback on how noticeable it is if someone has a similar setup would be appreciated.

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  1. If you are gaming across three HD monitors, it's definitely worth the upgrade. Either way though, it should give your system a solid boost.
  2. Two 5770's in crossfire will tear down anything you throw at it with a single monitor. With three monitors, it should work pretty well. Don't expect to be maxing out BF3 at 5760x1080 though. =)
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