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Multi lan on a server

i use server 2008R2 and only have 1 x 1gb/s port on it. i plan to add another 1. but if i have 2 should i bridge the connection? cuz i cannot have 2 ip's with the same DNS, or can i? please explain this to me.

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  1. DNS is where your browser goes to look up ip address for the www address you type in; it doesn't impact how you setup your lans otherwise and so Yes you can have have them setup to use the same DNS just like you can have multiple computers with different ip's using the same DNS.
  2. Okay.
    my server's ip is, but its a domain controler. the router gives out DHCP ip's with the server's ip as Primary dns. what would it help me if the second network's ip is and added into reverse lookup zone?

    i just want to know can i bridge 2 connections on server 2008 R2. so that i only have 1 ip but multiple connections
  3. thats not what bridging is either. A bridge allows traffic from one network to cross over into another and each nic would indeed have its own IP address for the network its on.

    The term I think you are describing is 'Teaming' and no you cannot unless its supported by the nic's which usually requires identical model cards that support teaming.

    Why dont you take a minute to describe your network layout, or what you are trying to do, so I can get a better understanding of what you are looking for/need.
  4. You can have an unlimited number of IPs with the same DNS on a single machine, you can even dedicate more than 1 IP to a single LAN card.
    What you cannot have on a single rig are multiple Gateways. That confuses the PC as to where to send and where to receive from.
    If you want to use or gain access to 2 or more different networks from one rig with multiple LAN connections then you need to Bridge all the connections, but, in doing so you are compromising the securities of all the networks connected.
    A network Layout will certainly shed more light on the issue and what is it that you are trying to do will be a helpful hint.
    Teaming is good but has it's own drawbacks and may not work all the time.
    There is not point in having Multiple connections to the same Router. It's not going to increase the speed unless you Team the cards together.
  5. i have one huge network. all i want to do is increase the speeds to the server. there are 2 rooms. the server in one room and 1 hub in each of the rooms. the 2 hubs are linked.

    the room where the server is. is connected the the hub in that room, i want to link a second cable to the other room from the server.

    should i bridge or have 2 ip's?
  6. Put another LAN card in the rig and have the 2 Hubs connect to each of the cards. Not with each other. Which means you'll need to Pull a whole length of Cable to the second hub too.
    And have 2 IPs.
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    ^^^ Exactly.

    Theres to ways to increase network thoroughput: increase the network technology speed (10<100mb<gigabit< 10Gigait<fiber) or divide the network into multiple branches.

    Also, I would swap out the hubs for switches (unmanaged cheap work fine for me so far) the help eliminate network congestion.
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