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So through my university I got a free copy of Server 2008 R2, and last weekend decided to play around with a building a server out of a old computer (P4 3.06). The server is just going to be a file a media server that will back up the computers in the house, along with streaming to the families iphones using air video. I did not set up very much but noticed when converting/streaming to my phone the processor was stuck at 100%, so i was gonna drop in a dual or quad core that I have laying around.

Just picked up a cheap am2+/am3 MB and was wondering which processor I should put in, Athlon X2 64 4400+ or the Phenom X4 9600. Just want something that will handle the load and be as efficient as possible (running 24/7).

First server build so any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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    The better the processor the better the server will run its common sense. Phone suck to convert.
  2. I was mainly wondering if the 4400+ will be able to handle the load fine b/c it will it will eat a little less power and be a little cheaper to run.
  3. I would pick up something in the Athlon II/Phenom II line myself. I run an athlon II x2 240 in my server but I don't have the need to convert video on the fly like you do. Perhaps an x3 or x4 would suit you better.
  4. I would just prefer to use what I have so the bill doesnt start running up. So it seems like the conscious it go with the 9600.
  5. I missed the part where you said you had them laying around, yes go with the 9600.
  6. I'm going to propose going a different direction- for a home server you can do most of the same stuff with a Linux server.
  7. linux is an OS, not hardware. We haven't even discussed that yet but is of course high on the list for a server OS.
  8. Go with linux even though I got the Server 2008 for free?
  9. gonemtbiking123 said:
    Go with linux even though I got the Server 2008 for free?

    I'm sorry that I forgot to make my real point in my previous response on this thread. Linux requires a lot less hardware to run on than Windows Server and would run fine on the hardware that you already have.
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