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I have 3 computers networked, only 1 has a DVD drive (AMD 700 Duron) Is it possible to watch a DVD movie on another PC on the network. The PC I want to use to watch on is a P2 266 128 meg memory with a Matrox G400 max dual head as this has a TV out.
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  1. I have the same situation. however, I couldn't figure out how to have the faster computer decode the DVD and send the decoded data to the other, slower computer with the TV out. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I don't think it would be possible to have the base machine do the decoding and send the data to another computer. You should be able to access the DVD over the LAN and have each machine do a software decode itself. I wouldn't try this with 10baseT either. 10/100 would be okay.

    Why not encode the DVD to MPEG-4 and rip it to a CD? That way you can watch on any other system ouside you lan.
  3. You usually can't watch DVD on another PC, cause the DVD player doesn't allow it. The only one I found was PowerDVD which let's you choose the DVD player yourself (even if it is a HD or netwerk drive)
    Rip?? Hint... hint
  4. How can you choose the DVD player or hard disk, I have Power DVD but the only options I have for the player is either H:\[my CD writer] or I:\[my CD rom drive] I can't find anywhere I can select any other drive. I can't even select my hard drives.
  5. Have you tried mapping the network DVD drive to J: (or whatever)?
  6. mapping the drive would allow access to the disk from his slower pc, but i think what he wants to do, is let his faster pc read the dvd and do all the decoding, and the just funnel the info through the lan, and out the PC with the tv-out. i guess he wants the same effect as running really long audio/video cables to the TV, with the convience of using the keyboard/mouse of the slower pc in between? as far as i know, there's nothing out there to do that with. sounds like you'd need some specific software to do that with...

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