Gtx460 SLI problem

Hello I spent all day trying to fix my SLI problem with no luck, what it does when I run a game is sometime I get flickering or the other time no flickering but game crashes after 5-10 minutes of play and after that I start getting some weir beeps coming from the speakers and if I'm on line google chrome crashes if it beeps and I have to reboot. I've tested video cards one at the time they work fine ,tried different drivers and updated BIOS and cleared CMOS, fliped the sli bridge around nothing helps....

my rig: mobo:MSI nf980-g65
cpu: amd phenom IIx2 565 be
video: 2 EVGA gtx460 ssc+ nvidia
psu : corsair 750TX
ram: corsair ddr3 xms3 2x4Gb

Help please.
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  1. Where do the beeps originate from? The external speakers or from inside the case?What PSU do you have? Have you checked your temperatures?
  2. psu is in my original post which is corsair 750tx SLI ready
    temps are normal
    beeps are coming from the speakers (which I think might be an alarm that comes with the software but I have no idea which software)
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