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Single high end VS. Two mid/low end cards in SLI/Xfire

I'm just looking for a performance/price recommendation. I have a case, motherboard, and the PSU to accommodate any configuration recommended.

I'm looking to purchase the configuration now (single or sli/xfire). It needs to support DX11 and needs to stay under $240.

I'm looking to buy a 6870 right now and I was wondering if it was possible to buy two cards and SLI/Xfire them to get better performance for the same price as a 6870 or 6950.
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  1. I found this after browsing for some time:,2925-13.html
    It seems that two 6570s perform on a similar level as a 6790.

    What are you thoughts?
  2. I don't like to start with dual GPU setups, in my opnion go one high end, and then in the future get another have that high end card when you need it, it will end up lasting you "much" longer.

    It should also be noted SLI/CF setups are not for everyone.

    What are your system specs and monitor resolution?
  3. What resolution are you playing at?

    What is your PSU??
  4. With a 750 watt PSU, at 1920 x 1200, I get a 560 Ti (900 MHz) , then add a 2nd one later on if ya feel the need.
  5. i5 2500
    ASRock extreme 4 p67
    xfx xxx 650w

    I'd rather stick with AMD unless some major sale happens on the Nvidia side.

    The reason I am considering a dual GPU out of the gate is this:

    I can buy two 6570's for $160 and get ~6970 performance.

    Xfire Pros:
    -6970 performance now

    Xfire Cons:
    -When it comes time to upgrade, I have to replace both cards and I'm in the same situation.
    -I wont have two 6870s
  6. 2 x 6570 will not get you 6970 Radeon performance
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    Bro thats a 6790. Not a 6970. Two 6570's aren't going to perform ANYWHERE near a 6970.

    Start with a single card for around $240. At that price you can possibly snag a 6950 2GB. Try and get a reference card and most likely it will unlock to the 6970 BIOS.

    When upgrade time comes, get a better power supply and a 2nd 6950.
  8. Maybe I shouldn't try to read graphs late at night anymore. I've pretty much settled on a 6870 for now and another one in the next two or three years.

    Thank you all for setting me straight. It's now time for some sleep.
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