Can I do an external Build without cpu cooling

Im getting a cpu liquid cooling solution for my pc im building but i want to do an external build to test the parts first. Can i start it up without any cooling for like a minute or should i install the cpu fan that comes with it?

Its an i7 2600k processor if that helps and Corsair (CWCH80) Cooling Hydro Series H80 High-performance CPU Cooler. Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Modern CPU always need cooling. Even for a minute!
  2. so should i install the cpu fan with thermal paste or try to do the liuid cooling and then put it in my case?
  3. i installed my corsair h50 outside the case and did a test run to check it all worked then put it in the case

    with the h50 still installed

    just remember if it already has thermal paste on it and you want to use a better thermal paste to remove

    the original paste--too much paste is as bad as not enough
  4. I know you can't wait to put it all together . . . but don't do it without a cooler. The stock cooler will work perfectly fine. Just clean off the processor before you mount the final cooler.
  5. Run by homebuild, theres a how to build sticky up the top, sorry for short answer, on mobile, but as mentioned, do not run without a cooler on the cpu :-)
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