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Which one to buy? Please help.

Ok so i really dont know that much about RAM's and this confuses me.
Btw im 17 and english is not my motherlanguage.

So i want to buy more RAM since 4GB isn't quite enough these days.I decided to buy 12GB so i dont have to upgrade for a
long time.I started to look for a new RAM and found a pretty decent Corsair's.

The price is 128 USD (At least in my country)

But then after searching a bit more i found this Mushkin's.

The price is 78 USD.

So after searching on the web i find out that Mushkin is a very good company.
So i dont understand why is it so cheap when it works on 2133 MHz (latency is 10) While
the Corsair one works on 1600MHz on 9 latency.
Is it because of the other timings (TRCD ,TRP ,TRAS)?
Because i dont know what do they mean.
All i know is that the higher the numbers are the slower it goes ,so i would assume
it is slower but too much.

So i was hoping that someone could explain to me why is it so cheap.
And i would also like to know which one to buy and why.

System Specs:
Motherboard: ASUS M5A78L
GFX Card: Nvidia GTX 560 Ti (im planning to get GTX 680)
Proccesor: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
Power: MSI PRO-550 ATX
Cooler ASUS 1225S1/D1

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Please list your motherboard make and model number.
  2. Ok so i've got MBO ASUS AM3+ M5A78L
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    I recommend this kit:
    Your board has 4 ram slots; leaving one empty with a 3 stick 12 gb kit will put you in single channel mode; the ram will run slower. 12 gb kits are for x58 boards only. 1333 ram is a little slower than 1600, but you won't notice much difference in speed. Your board can handle 4 gb per ram slot for a total of 16 gb.
  4. Thank you i didnt know that.
    I think i will buy the 16GB one. :D

    but i am still wondering why is the mushkin card so much cheaper then the
    Corsair one.
    Is it slower or what?
    Can you please explain.
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  6. The mushkin has slightly higher timings but is faster 2133 versus 1600; as the speed of the ram increases, the timings move higher to accomadate the faster speed. The higher timings are actually slower. Old slow ddr2 may have 5-5-5-15 timings which are fast, even though the ram speed is only 800. If you don't understand this, I can't help you more. Google for some ram articles. Corsair can charge more for their ram; it's up to you to decide if it's worth it. I've used mushkin ram; it works ok. Once in awhile you'll get a bad ram stick. You can run memtest to see how many errors you get; I don't use it unless I get windows bluescreens with a ram address listed.
  7. Thank you.I think i understand now. :)
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