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Video card problems

I had computer given to me by a family friend and ever since i updated the ati radeon 2600xt video card i am constantly getting a VPU recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands, and occasionally a ati2dvag bluescreen.

As im not sure what to do i have yet to see my card temp go over 50 degrees celcius, and i have tried the omegadrivers but i still get the same problem. my computer specs are

-windows xp pro with service pack 3
-asustek computer inc. motherboard
-intel core2 duo 2.66GHz
- two ddr2 memory sticks each 1024 mbytes
-power supply is seasonic 600ht

not sure what other info you guys may need as i only get this problem when i install the driver updates for this video card when i uninstall the driver the problem goes away but i cant do anything with the games on steam.
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  1. Apparently the package contents of the video card include a dvi to vga/d-sup adapter, not exactly sure what this is or what it does but would i need to use this with my Samsung 730b syncmaster?

    any help is appreciated cause i am at a total loss.
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    No, if you are already been using the card with that monitor than it is not needed. It is for those with lower end lcd monitors as well crt users. As for your card clean it ore purchase a compatible cooler. I know that a Zalman vf900 will work with this card. If that is not what you have in mind then buy a new card. They are very easy to install.
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