[Solved] Microsoft Office 2000 and Windows 7 compatibility

Please help me. I am a small business owner and this time of year I use a lot of labels for my bakery that I make on office 2000. but now that I had to get a new computer with windows 7, I am having problems using publisher. specially when I try to install by logo into new labels and also I am unable to open some of my existing labels.
Thank you
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  1. Office 2000 is not officially supported on Windows 7, but it works fine.
  2. office 2000 can't work properly on windows 7 get the latest version.
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    Office 2000 works perfectly with Windows 7 64. I have Office 2000 Small Business Edition installed on five Windows 7 machines currently. The installations are complete with SP's 1,2 and 3 and dozens of add ons and security updates.

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