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I am having a problem with my monitor. My problem is, I can't set my native resolution and refresh rate. ( 1600 X 900 60Hz ).
Its set to 1600 X 900 @ 75 Hz. And when I try changing it back to 60 Hz, ( from NVIDIA control panel ) it becomes incredibly wide and doesn't fit the screen.

Posting a screenshot doesn't seem to be working. I'll try though . My monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 2033. Any help would be appreciated.

AND: Sorry I'm posting this at the wrong section of the forums. If you do know where I should be posting this, please tell me.
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  1. LOL I am still using it !
    One monitor.

    yeah, its at 75 Hz, and I can't change it back. As you said, most likely its the problem with the drivers again. Arrrgghh, have to re-install them again.
  2. Say mal, I am sorry if this made you angry or anything. I am trying to get the new card. But, its just that there are so many obstacles, on the way. I have to buy a new PSU first, but the card the second, make sure if it fits inside the casing, see if my UPS can handle all that power.
  3. Yeah you are right. I worry too much.
    And your right about me not being a do'er. This runs in my family too.
    Casing is the iball i6363 and the PSU is just nothing but a iball 400 W.
    Or maybe its just the fact that I live in India. People here aren't that techy, and sometimes, not at all techy. When I asked for the GTS 450 in the hardware shop, the vendor told me that they had a better card, the NVIDIA Geforce EN 9500 GT from MSI !! :lol:

    Clearly! Most of the kids here, look at the VRAM on the video card when they buy one ( especially the 1 GB versions of a card )
    Well we all know that the GTX 460 768 MB can beat the 9500 GT 1 GB just by blowing. However, over here, many people think the other way around.

    Well, back to topic, I re-installed the drivers and problem solved.
  4. Quote:
    and they say Nvidia make the best drivers :lol:

    probably they dont care about ur card anymore considering it's age and performance tier

    Hmmm.. They still make drivers for the 8 series and including the 6 series I believe.

    Higher than a high time for the next upgrade.
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  6. Yes, dint you see my third last post ?
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