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I have a 24" 1080p monitor and a 20 inch 1680x1050 monitor. I know I can use them both for a wide desktop, switching between the two. My question is this: Is there any way I can marco something to my keyboard that will allow my mouse cursor and/or keyboard to switch from a full screen game on my 1080p monitor to the desktop on my second monitor? I just want to be able to pause and quickly scroll or open a new internet page on my second monitor while also playing games. I know I can just alt tab, but I have this other monitor so it would be nice if I could use it :P
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  1. Been wondering the same thing ares
  2. For a functioning like this you will need to play the game in Windowed mode. Then every time you press the Left ALT key your mouse and keyboard will be freed from the game and allow you to use your desktop.
    To avoid complications make sure you are playing the game in windowed mode on the bigger of the 2 screens so that your usual game play is not affected.
  3. Keep in mind that windowed mode is designated non-exclusive to your video game. For most people on avg graphic settings in a game it means nothing, though if you are trying to get the highest graphic quality your computer can muster you will see reduced performance while running windowed.

    It's always been a irritation of mine the non-exclusive thing as I run a 30in and a 24 in on the side. You'd think with the technology we have on the hardware end these days the software engineers can find a way to reduce or eliminate the windowed performance factor. Especially since in most games I can still view the items in the second screen, hardware monitors/chat clients etc, I just can't use them untill I alt tab to minimize the game.

    Most games that run in windowed mode are seemless between screens, so using the second screen all you have to do is move the mouse curser over to the other screen.
  4. As Aly and Lemlo said, Windowed mode is your best best if you pln on multi-tasking.
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