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When I do a BIOS update than that is written right into the motherboard ROM, correct? BUT -- when I do all of the other updates like chipset, network, audio and a few others (HP DC7700) these are all written to the hard drive right? Is chipset written to ROM?

So each time I do a clean install of windows I have to go back and update these all again?

This HP has several drivers, one weird intel file for PCI ports -- crazy.

Sort of crazy because how can windows setup correctly without basic functionality? like network drivers for example?

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  1. Windows 7 will find many device drivers on it's own, but a few like the asrock lan driver or hp, dell, etc. may only be available on their website. If you can't get windows to find the driver, you'll need the driver cd that comes with the motherboard; otherwise, if you have an hp or dell, download the drivers off their website and burn them to a cd or dvd before you start installing windows.
  2. yeah -- but the files need a windows platform to run -- crazy if windows is looking to install a network for example and the onboard network driver isn't even loaded (happened last time).

    oh well, back to me real question just for my education --

    what resides in ROM other than BIOS?

    the chipset drivers? anything?
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