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I am currently buying a gaming set up and my new bought computer has a asrock Z77 extreme 4. I was wondering if I needed a new sound card with it since I plan on buying a good pair of 2.1 speakers? Does the motherboard already has a good sound output or is a new audio card is needed? If yes, which one should I get (money is not a problem right now). Also, on a side note, which speakers would you recommend?

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  1. Anyone?
  2. Modern onboard sound is pretty good. Unless you're very discerning/ have really good ears you shouldn't need a sound card. That said, if you do go for it the Asus sound cards are very highly rated.
  3. Imo, and I'm no audiophile, a sound card isn't needed as most motherboards have pretty good sound onboard. As for speakers, I'm using these on one of my rigs >> and I'm happy with the sound they reproduce. Audiophiles may disagree with me, but hey, different strokes, for different folks.
    Hope this helps, good luck.
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