CPU, GPU and NorthBridge overheating with no apparent reason

I have already tried cleaning every heat sink, every fan (they spin freely and really fast), reapplying thermal paste (no more than a rice size amount), even taking the motherboard out of the case and just connecting the motherboard (with Video Card, Processor and RAM sticks on) to the PSU and the HD where my OS is installed. and still overheating!!!

The idle temps according to Speed Fan are:
CPU 68 C (156 F) on flame
GPU 53 C (127 F) on flame
MB 34 C (93 F) blue arrow down
Core 44 C (111 F) red arrow up
HD1 35 C (95 F) blue arrow down
Temp1 68 C (156 F) on flame
Temp2 34 C (93 F) blue arrow down
Temp3 25 C (77 F) blue arrow down
FAN1 2986 RPM
Vcore1 1.15 V
Vcore2 3.15 V
+3.3V 0.00V
+5V 5.00V
+12V 11.78V
-12V -16.97V
-5V -8.78V
+5V 6.85V
Vbat 3.26V
Vcore 1.15V

I also tried measuring the temps with ASUS Probe II and the same result, BIOS also shows the same result.
My motherboard is an ASUS M3A, a AMD Phenom X4 9550 (2.2 GHz per core) processor with out-of-the-box Heat Sink and cooler, two 2 Gb DDR2 800MHz Kingston RAM stick, and XFX PCIe nVidia GeForce 8600 GT 512 DDR2. PSU is a generic 450W unit.

Any suggestion? HELP
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  1. that generic psu is suspicious
  2. Try a new heatsink? Cooler master hyper 212 :D
  3. I thought the PSU has but I have no reason to think it's not working well. and I AM going to buy a CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ but I'm trying to find out the reason for the overheating, not just solve the symptoms, and I would really apreciate some help. ;)
  4. what case do you have, that can have a big affect on airflow
  5. This all just happened out of the blue?

    Did you change anything for this to happen?
  6. The computer is working out of the case now for better airflow (just beneath my ceiling fan), and I didn't do anything out of the usual, I just installed SpeedFan just to check it out and I realized that my temps were so high I don't know for how long this has been going on... but the mistery remains.
  7. There is a chance that the temps were the same but you're only noticing them now after you've installed speedfan.

    The standard heatsink isn't the best either so that may be increasing heat on the motherboard because as you may know, the fan blows down on the heatsink and the hot air is then blown onto the motherboard.
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