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Ram Cooler

Few Questions about Ram Cooling, Planning to overclock (I have Vengeance 8 GB 1600)

1. Do I really need a Cooler for ram?
2. If I do whats your recommendation for a Cooler?
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    That really depends on how far you're planning to go with the OC, but you'll probably end up at the limit of what the IC's can be OC'd to before temp becomes a problem.

    Regardless, OC'ing RAM (especially past 1600) doesn't net any real world performance gains. It's for benches only.
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  3. No....w/ DDR2 heat spreaders and even fans served a purpose....with DDR3, those big toothy heat sinks only cooling function is to "look cool".... if ya look at the tests done by anandtech and others, you see a pick up of 1 fps with faster RAM....say from 22 to 23 fps .... but still that's a 5% gain.
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