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Acer keeps shuting down fan

my acer 5920 keeps shutting down by itself, at first it can take like 15 min, but by trying to turning it on, each time takes less time, i already tried instaling linux, windows 7 and reinstalling all drivers, also tried to used speed fan utility, but it only detects the temperature not the fans, so i cant make em go faster, also triend to flash or upgrade the BIOS and for one problem or another windows 7 looks like is not letting me do it, i need a way to flash the BIOS in less than 3 min, since i alreasy removed the Hard drive and it keeps shutting down, my first sights to this problem is that i have a virus in the mother board so i wanna flash it and kill so the fan starts running correctly at full speed instead of going at low speed as i can hear and feel the air but not as it used to do it, also i already checked and the fan is not dirty, so the only way my comp keeps overheating is because the fan is going to a speed lower than it should
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  1. Howdoyouknowit'sheat?Youdon'tmentionanytemps.CouldbePSU.Butifitisheat,checkyourcpucoolertoseeif
  2. speed fan shows temps of 50-60 C° before shuting down, dont know exactly the temp when it shutsdown, is not low temp, but also not that high, since in my other laptop i have seen it work at 97°C perfectly, also i could be wrong about the fan or the BIOS, but thats my belief, if someone knows more about the problem i would be more than glad to learn and fix it
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    Firstly get rid of that SpeedFan utility. I have seen hundred of rigs fried because of it.
    50-60 is not a temp when a system shutsdown. Never actually.
    You feel the fans spinning a lot slower, so a failing fan could be an issue., I could suggest you remove the fan and give it a go on a 12V DC line just to be sure, but getting it out and then putting it back in may not be as simple as it may sound.
    Although you say your fan is clean, I would still advise you to give it a good going over with a can of compressed air, since the fan is not the only thing there that accumulates dust, it has copper fins either at the intake side or at the exhaust side over which it either pulls or pushes cool air.
    Plus, a little bit of TIM wouldn't be a bad idea on the processor if the laptop was to be completely opened up, but that again, is not as simple as it sounds.
    Go through the BIOS and see if there is a threshold temp to control the fan in the laptop, give it full control and set threshold temps a little lower so the fans goes into 100% anywhere around the 50C mark.
    Don't use Speed Fan , it's a really bad utility from my experience and also not the best temp detector.
    Download the service manual and open her up. You will need a small plus screwdriver. Warning do not open it without the service manual or you will have a broken laptop. Clean it from the inside with compressed air/ vacuum or blower. Make sure to clean the fins of the fan assembly. If you have thermal paste put it on the cpu, but if you do not then just leave it. No need for it. If you open with the guide it will be really simple. I have serviced my two laptops in 40 minutes with the service manuals. Once I did not have a service manual and broke a laptop.
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  7. in a frustrated attempt to find a way to control the fan from BIOS, looks like i fried the CPU, since the fan wasnt working at all, i was going to replace the laptop anyway, but i really wish i had replaced the fan first.... anyway, if someone is looking for a cheap acer laptop screen, just hit me with a PM
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