Difference between a amd quad core vs intel i3

I dont know anything about computers....I see where there are some i3 and i5 and amd quad core being offered. what are the pros and cons of both. I am looking to buy my daughter a new one for college.
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  1. Is this a laptop?
  2. if it is second generation intel icore processor then i5 2500k will best in intel
  3. When you are buying for the family what your really looking for is something that will last over time, both performance wise and durability.

    So first thing, What is she going to do with it in college? Is it just for note taking? or will she be doing things that require a bit more processing power like editing her own erotic movies?
    Also are you looking at building a desktop PC or buying a laptop?

  4. Disclaimer- these are very basic generalizations:

    The i3 and i5 are the latest machines from Intel. They are very efficient regarding the amount of electricity they use and the amount of heat that they produce, and they are very efficient computationally, in other words for each megahertz of speed they get a lot of work done.

    AMD processors are cheaper, but for each megahertz they do a lot less work. They are also typically less expensive.

    The tradeoff is that you can buy an AMD processor with 4 processing cores for the same price or less than some of the lower end Intel processors that have only 2 processor cores. If you have software that will make use of the additional processing cores, then the AMD processors are a good value. If you are doing the stuff that most people do, then 2 cores are helpful but more than 2 cores are less helpful. For gaming and video processing, I think the concensus is that 4 cores are better.

    I would recommend that anyone buy a computer with at least 2 cores. In a laptop you are probably better off getting the intel processor with 2 cores vs. 4 cores because it will be efficient as far as battery usage and heat production. In a desktop computer it depends on what software you are running and what your budget is. At the lowest end you would probably want an AMD processor. With a higher budget there is some overlap between AMD and Intel and you would pick the AMD for gaming or video processing, and the Intel for everything else. If you can afford the latest Intel quad core processors then that is the way to go.
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