Received returned graphics card, Computer powers up but doesnt boot


So im having an odd issue with an Ati Radion HD5870. I recently returned to manufacture because it was crashing to a grey/blue chequered or other random colour screens within a graphics intensive application.

I got it returned and it was claimed it had no fault... so i was a bit worried.

After trying to install it back into my system my computer just no longer boots at all, it does however power up.

Without the graphics card in the computer boots up as far as i can tell.. I get no onboard visuals from the motherboard, but my mouse/keyboard all light up and numlock/capslock keys turn on or off the correct light

I am probably going to send it back again, at their cost fortunately. However i would rather not have another month without my main computer so i was hoping to see if anyone would have any opinions on what is wrong or what i could be doing wrong?

I have competed everything in the check guide

Thanks in advance
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  1. The 5870 can be very finicky about what PSU is running it.

    My story: I Installed a Xfx 5870 with an old NZXT 850w PSU. System powered on, lights, no BIOS no nothing on screen (I got the power-saving mode pop-up). 50% of the time triple beep would sound (for my rigg thats VGA failure). The other half of the time I got no warning beeps but the 5870's fan would run at 100% and still the machine wouldnt post.
    After trying everything I ran the card on a thermotake 750w PSU in another rig with no problems. I now have it running on a silverstone 1000w, also with no problems.
    The original NZXT psu still works fine with every other card I paired it with so I'm not 100% sure what the issue was but definatly it was the PSU.
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