WRT320N Troubleshooting/ New Router Suggestions.

Well, I'm afraid my router bit the dust (strangely around the same time that I bought it, damn those manufacturers for making stuff you have to buy every year). If anyone cares to help diagnose the problem for me

My "modem" is directly hardwired into my wall outlet. When I connect my router to the wall, and then to the computer, I can't seem to get internet access. I've reset the router several times and to no avail, it doesn't work. I can't even seem to access the router itself using the factory default IP. I plug directly into the wall directly and I am typing to you now. Tried printing a document out on my printer, it's hooked up via wireless and there was a communication problem.

I am thinking it is one of a few things

1. My ISP has blocked my router off from their network for whatever reason there is. There is nothing in their ToS that says you can't have routers.

2. My router has finally given out: I constantly use it for downloading multiple gig files (Steam Games, etc.) It is constantly on even overnight (my fault more than likely).

Linksys was more than "helpful" by directing me to their "award winning" support online or using their fee based phone support.

If there is nothing to do, can anyone recommend a certain router?

WRT320N is the model of the router.
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  1. You can do a few steps to find out if the router is gone bad.
    Try connecting the computer to the LAN port of the router.
    Then check the ip address you get for LAN. if it is private, i.e. 192.168.x.x then the router could be working condition.
    if you get an ip address similar to that , then try using your internet browser to access the router settings page using the router's ip address. That's usually or

    Could you also tell us who is the ISP? cause if it is cable, you might have to do a mac spoof. That is, making a copy of mac address of the computer onto the router.
  2. Here's a link from Linksys knowledge Base to fix the problem if its a cable internet connection that works only when computer is connected directly to modem.

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