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RAM not compatible??

i have just built my 1st high end rig (3rd build) and when i power on, it stays on for about 10 seconds, shuts down, then repeats. i get nothing on my display and no beeps from my mobo speaker. tried booting with one stick, nothing. powered on with no sticks (of course this wouldn't work) and got 3 beeps and does it again. i am pretty sure this is a RAM problem, either it was DOA or not compatible. (it's not compatible on MSI's website, but i have read reviews and even someone on here has said that he had the same mobo and RAM as me and it worked) but i could be wrong because i am still somewhat new to building. could this be something else than RAM causing the problem? maybe the CPU fan not installed properly? (i doubt it because when this happened to me on my 7 year old build it got to post with the boot screen on the display) could it be the motherboard? (although i doubt this because it beeps 3 times when no RAM is installed, meaning it's still registering errors) what could it be? it would be awesome if you guys could name all the possibilities for me. here are my parts:




CPU cooler: Hyper 212+ (you don't need a link to that everyone knows what it is :lol:)

people have said that they had the same mobo and RAM as me. but there are different vengeance blue RAM. some with different timings, speeds and capacity. could it be that the version of vengeance RAM i got is incompatible? if any of you have an MSI Z77 motherboard and this kid of RAM, can you please send me a link to the exact model you got or just give me a model number or possibly all of its specifications i listed above?

sorry for the long read and thanks in advance.
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    First thing to try is to clear the CMOS to force the BIOS to re-scan DIMMs and reload their timing requirements.
  2. i think i just found the problem. i have a i7 3770k, i need BIOS version 1.3 to use the CPU. i have the default, 1.1. i can't update without a CPU, right? so i either bring it to my local tech store and let them do it or buy a celeron G530 for 50$ off of newegg and update it. either way it would probably be around 50$, but me and the guy at the tech store are pretty much buddies now. he would probably do it for 25$. but i could buy the CPU and use it for a average build for someone, or just sell it. i should probably save myself the embarrassment and just buy the CPU. that is the support list. you can see that all ivy bridge and Xeon CPUs are V2/3. that is why people have the same RAM as me and it works fine. lol.
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