GTX 460 + GTX 460 2WIN 3-Way SLI?

Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to run a single evga gtx 460 sc alongside an evga gtx 460 2win (Dual GPU card) together for a 3-way SLI setup or if I am going to end up simply buying another gtx 460 to run alongside my other one.
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  1. I'm guessing probably not, the drivers will most likely only allow you to set the single card as a PhysX processor.
  2. you can't SLI another card with GTX460 2 win. can't find exact article on it but there are discussion about it in EVGA forums:
  3. Thank you, I was just curious considering that I'd heard the SLI bridge on the 2win model was just for show from some people.
  4. they said it was design error from EVGA. they want to remove it but somehow it was too late to do that and so they just go with it. for those who did not make careful research on it might buy two of the card with quad SLI in mind :p
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