Single IPS vs. Triple (what I assume is) TN Monitors?

I'm looking for a 23-24" monitor setup - but after doing more research, I thought it might be nice to upgrade from a TN panel for the first time - but at the loss of an eyefinity setup, I'm not quite sure it's worth it.



3 -

Both monitors can be up for debate, I'd just rather not spend too much more than 600 dollars, as I'm not paying for this portion of my new PC build. Birthday present.

My main concern would be image quality vs. eyefinity, and then money, though. Also, any suggestions with links to buy should be through Amazon if possible, considering I've built my whole PC through there and would like to take advantage of Prime - no worries if not, though.
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  1. I have three of ZR24w for a cheap price of $169 each, I love it =). it really depends, if you need triple monitor or not. Unless you have a single gtx 580/590 or amd 6990 or cf/sli card from 58XX - 69xx/ gtx 560+ series you can't really triple monitor on games with decent fps. unless your doing something that requires triple monitor (less gpu intensive), 1 monitor is fine. You can spend a little more and get dell ips monitors, aren't the best, but they range from $190(21.5") -$240(23") when on sale
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