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Please help! is my CPU dead?

my second PC was working totally fine, and then i put a 'new' PSU in it (An old 420w i got off a mate) so it could power a new graphics card, the PC the failed to start, did nothing, although the Mobo's status light was on. so i took the psu out and put back in the old one. the fans now spin, the HDD is powers, the DVD drive opens, but i get no video output. not on chipset graphics and not on a GPU, im pretty sure the RAM is fine. same deal on two different motherboards. please help i really need this pc to work :cry: ps: the cpu is a core 2 duo LGA775 stock@ 2.0ghz
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  1. What is the make and model of the new graphics card?
    What is the make and model of the new PSU?
    Did you reset the BIOS after you inserted the new GPU in?
    Is the GPU PCIe power cable plugged into the card?
  2. i didnt get to put in the XFX 9600GT XX because the pc would not start, the psu makes a high pitched sound, now i cannot get it antyhing to work on it, not even the original card, a geforce 7600GT on the original psu and mobo
  3. If the PSU is making a high pitched sound , means you have squeaking capacitors in it and means it's as good as blown.
    Get it checked, and hope it hasn't leaked current onto the mobo or you're going to have a massive problem figuring out which part/parts are blown on the rig.

    The 9600GT does not need additional power, why did you change the PSU?
  4. ok thanks, i'll check the ram and hope the cpu is not at fault
  5. is it possable the cpu is dead? is there no surge protections on mobos?
  6. No there is no surge protection on Mobo's for a 240V jolt. It's a 12V Board. And that is the reason we choose a good PSU with a lot of stuff in it so as to avoid harming the Board in case of failure.
    Before all this we usually use a UPS which doubles as a stabilizer and power backup plus has a fuse that blows when there is a short or extreme voltage surge.

    Why will you check the RAM??? Who recommended that? If the PSU is making the sound....... get that checked first....Get a replacement or a temporary one and check everything......First.
  7. a already have a new psu that powers another pc fine, the power LED on the case also lights up fine (forgot to mention) just thought i'd go out on a whim and check the ram. any more advice? any way i can check the mobo or cpu by themselves?
  8. Are you able to boot into BIOS with the new PSU?
    Do you get any beep signals when you power on with the new PSU?
  9. nothing at all. my case has no speaker :P. i'm going to try borrow my mates old Pentium dual core and see if that works
  10. do you see a no signal message on your screen?
  11. no screen activity at all. im going to have to buy a new cpu :(
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    no signal means cpu normally. Try and test the cpu in another system if you can otherwise take it to a pc shop and ask if they can test it for you quickly
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