GA-Z68XP-UD3 bios/c-states and driver install qustion

I just updated to the UEFI bios from bios f10 legacy award winning bios about two hours ago. let me tell you.. I am liking what I am seeing atm. but there is something I need help woth and it is all explained down below.

How do I disable C-states I know what they are but do not know exactly what are c-states in a bios, I really need to disbaled them, confused @@. I need to do it because it is the last thing, besides completely added and installing IRST drivers that I need to do :). Anyone can help me, I was never the one to really over clock or tweak in bioses, sort of new to me to go this far with it, so it is not like I am a novice or something. I just never messed with C-states, and need them to be disabled to get propper benchmarks, and SSD speeds. Just want to test something, seeing as how this is my first time messing with a UEFI bios I would get helped here, at least I figured, anyone willing to help me :(? Basically what would be the c-sates in the bios legacy or UEFI?

anyone ever worked with this bios @ bios does not work anymore nor does touch bios as is to be expected, any software yet to remedy this, not that I mind though.

Concering irst drivers, I went and did a pre-install of ones that were not up to date but better than the ones on my mobo's page, mines is revision 1. So yeah I need and am looking for I guess 11.5 files and such, I want my system to be up top date and fine, and I all the other optimizations in Sean Websters window 7 optimizations guid HDD/SSD.
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  1. Can a Mod lock or delete this thread please, I think I got the answers I needed all along ^_^. Did not really need anyone's help. figured stuff out.
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