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My laptop is a Toshiba satellite, windows 8, 8gb ram, intel 4000 graphics, cpu 1.70ghz 1.70ghz. on the map loading screen it takes so long I get kicked out for all the larger maps, also I have no red dot sights that work. I have updated drivers and verified game cache still no luck. please help
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  1. your answer is intel integrated graphics
  2. Cheers mate. is there anything I can do about it or d I need a better computer?
  3. you can try turning down your graphics settings to achieve playable framerate. other than that I'm afraid not...if you want to game stay away from intel integrated graphics
  4. The fps hang around 63, is that crap is it
  5. also when I am playing I have no problems at all, it seems fast to me
  6. 63 is very good. you won't see difference over 60 as your monitor refresh rate is 60
  7. the load time would (probably) be fixed by an ssd... dont go run out and buy a 200 dollar ssd on my word, mind you. it could be a host of issues, such as processor, ram exc.
  8. mate this will sound stupid to you but I really would like to fix this problem so what is a ssd, sorry
  9. Just save the game to your Xbox 360's HDD like the rest of us playing Black Ops 2.
  10. can you tell me more about this like how and thanks so much for your help
  11. ittimjones hes playing on a laptop of some sort, not xbox
  12. ssd is basically a big flash drive. they are faster than regular hard drives as there is no moving parts...they are expensive but the prices of them are going down. if you are thinking about going that route note if you can have two hard drives in your laptop or one...if you can have two then you would use the faster ssd to have windows on and your favorite games/apps to load them quickly and use the other normal hard drive for storage, other apps. if you have only one space for a hard drive then you would have to pick a bigger solid state disk to fit all of your needs. so ssd's are faster but you pay more and the size is smaller while regular hard drive is cheap, a lot of storage but its slower
  13. mate your a champion cheers for the help. I don't know anything about all this so will probably return this laptop as the salesman said it would be fine and if not bring it back. thanks again for everything. I probably wont get one with integrated graphics
  14. If you are having the same problem as me and your laptop is similar this may work for you as well, clear your desktop completely other than the recycle, move all games and so on into a USB 3 external drive, copy steam and BO2 and move them into a USB 3 drive, concurrently download Intel version, your laptop wont update this automatically so go to Intel site. I now have no problem with slow loading however still no red dot. Game runs excellent. 60+ FPS.
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