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Windows 7 and Gigabyte Bios

I'm trying to enter the BIOS to change boot order so I can boot from a USB Drive. But when I hit <delete> it goes to a real simple window that says either boot windows 7 or the other modes (safe, memory repair, etc..) what it doesn't show is the bios menu that is shown in my gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 manual. I don't have any BIOS or advance options what so ever. I'm running Window 7 Pro 64-bit service pack 1.
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    Keep pressing repeatedly DEL button during start.
  2. Whats on that USB? U are going to install windows?
  3. On the USB is a linux OS I want to live boot from. I can get to a BIOS menu it's just not showing any advanced BIOS options that should be showing. I try the control F2 to see if there were hidden menus but nothing happened.
  4. well i guess i should close this thread. i got into bios settings. it was my keyboard. went back a basic keyboard and bam i was able to get into bios.
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  7. Good luck!
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