Motherboard for i5 3450 processor?

Hi, I plan on building a computer soon, and i had originally planned to use an i5 2400 processor with an H61MGC motherboard, until I noticed that the i5 3450 processor cost the same as th 2400 (from Amazon). My question is, what motherboard will work will the 3450? I heard that I would need to upgrade my bios before I could use it, but as I don't have another pc (just Mac's) I don't know if this would be possible. I'm already at my budgets limit, so getting a b75 or something isn't really possible for me. Is there a way I could use the i5 3450 with the H61? Also, I do not plan to overclock. Thank you!
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  1. Well, you're asking two different things here, really. One, what board will work (which you say you can't afford a new board anyway), and two can you use the 3450 with the H61 board.

    As far as using the 3450 with the H61 board goes, yes, it's possible, but as you already know, you'll need to update the BIOS and the only way to do that is with a Sandy Bridge CPU.

    Really, your only option is to go with the 2400 (assuming that you haven't already bought the 3450). If you've already bought the 3450, I guess just see if you can return the H61 board and get a 7 series board to go with the 3450.
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