Computer won't turn on. Out of ideas. Please help.

Hey guys,

I'll start with my specs:

i7 920 @ 4.0 Ghz @ 1.2375V
Asus P6T Deluxe V2
6 Gb 1600 Mhz Corsair XMS3 @ 1600 Mhz
Seasonic M12D 850W
2 x EVGA GTX 570
WD Velociraptor 300Gb
Seagate 1Tb

I will say that the computer was built in August of 2009 and it has been overclocked since about January of 2010. At that time it was 8 hours prime95 stable. Was going for 24 but forgot to shut off sleep and it only made it through 8 hours before taking a nap. Since that time about 4-6 times I've started the computer up, had it go through POST, and then flash an error saying my OC has failed. I go into the settings, don't change a thing, save and exit, and it boots fine overclocked just as it was before. This is an anomaly that like I said has only happened a handful of times and I'm not sure the cause of the issue. The only reason I mention that is in case it does have something to do with my current issue, although I do not think that to be the case. I'm just trying to throw out all background information. Now onto the current issue...

I was just cruising along yesterday working on a spreadsheet and my computer just decided to shut off on me. I reached up to turn it back on to get nothing. I held the power button for a few seconds (maybe 3-5) and it might flash on really quick just long enough to light up the lightes in my case and then it might flash back off. Then it may flash back on without me pushing the power button again or it might sit there. Eventually I held the power button for a while and somehow got it to reset itself after several minutes of it kind of turning on and then right back off when I hit the switch. It pops up and says overclock failed. This time I set it back to default and booted into Windows. Everything appeared to be fine although I didn't use it for an extended period of time. I restarted and loaded into the Bios and reset my settings as they were before to 4.0 Ghz. I saved and restarted and it booted just fine. Cool.

Then I come home late last night after I had had it running earlier on the OC and a perfectly normal shutdown, go to push the power button, and the same thing. Flash on, flash off, flash on, flash off. I unplugged it from the power and flipped the switch on the back of the power supply and went to bed. This morning I woke up and plugged it in and tried to start it. Started up just fine. I immediately went into the bios and took the overclock off thinking maybe my CPU has become unstable at that voltage and clock over the years and it's now causing fatal problems. The computer booted fine at stock clocks. I messed around for a bit, shut it down normally at put it down. This was at about 5:30. Now I just tried to turn it back on again, and it was pulling the same stunt.

Now I'm at a loss for what it could be. Power supply? I'd be pretty disappointed in my ole Seasonic if it crapped on me. Is my CPU just shot? Was considering building a new rig soon anyways, but had hopes of selling this one and possibly waiting until Ivy.

Many of you are much more experienced builders and troubleshooters than I am and I wanted to put this out here to see if anyone else has seen something similar happen and what direction I could head for the issue. Thanks for the help.
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  1. I would rma the motherboard first and sell the replacement. If you have a spare pc, use it for awhile. For 1366 boards, I've seen them for $100-150 new recently. One seller in anandtech's for sale forum had a brand new 1366 msi for $100. You can test the power supply with a simple voltmeter; I would rma it if the 12v reading is 11.6 or less.
  2. Is this what happens when motherboards go out? I'd rather not just start replacing parts for fun, but I've never had a mobo go out on me before.
  3. very well could be a mobo problem, and that is my guess. what cooler did you have on your cpu? stock? what were your temps while under full load?
  4. OMG!! This really made me feel for the first time that even PC could get Cancer. Especially the Flash on Flash off bit...... by the time I got to the end of the story I was in tears, nearly. Feeling sad for the amount of times the buttons were pressed just like a guy being given electric jolts before he passes out again.
    All the signs and symptoms seem to be of a failing Mobo, IMO.
    It would be worth it if you could get your hands on a spare one and just testing the PSU with it.
    We'd be able to decipher two things, whether the illness is terminal or not and secondly which one is giving way, the PSU capacitors or the Mobo capacitors.
    This is the fastest way, avoid operating......
  5. I have a Thermalright Ultra 120-Extreme for a cooler. Back in January 2010 when I ran prime95 on it the cores maxed out around 70-72. It rarely ran above 55 in normal operating conditions. It would usually run 50-55 in games with the occasional max temp touching 60 but that was just for a split second. I'd say it would average 45-50 in normal use with 50-55 during fairly heavy gaming. Usually I blew the machine out with an air compressor (regulated to 40 psi) every 1-2 months depending on how heavy I gamed during that time and what the temps were. As soon as temps started to creep up above normal I would blow it out.

    And I can't operate it. This is such a horrible week for it to go out as I need to get a lot of data work done by Thursday and my laptop just does not cut the mustard very well with huge spreadsheets. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
  6. ok, cpu is fine then, and the temps rule this out with your voltage settings. If you dont have a different computer to test the psu on, find a buddy, or buy a psu tester. can get one for $10, and they are a life saver! If the psu is running properly, it is 100% a mobo. update bios if you can, and if not, replace it. Still my first guess thoug that this is a mobo problem. if you dont want a headache, replace it and see what happens.
  7. I just built one for my mom in April with a 2500K in it that I could test the PSU on I suppose, although she doesn't have anything on her computer that will allow me to actually push an 850W PSU. Does it need to be pushed, or simply plug everything in and see if it even comes on?
  8. Just plug it in a see if the basics come on.... no need to push it to it's limits.
  9. no...dont plug your psu in on hers
    plug hers in on your system
    if yours is bad, could cause her computer to break
    if yours is broken, it wont damage her psu
  10. Well if your Mobo is bad, it'll loop back the current to end up breaking her PSU..... :) Now isn't that a real dilemma.....
    Either way, no risk no gain....

    I must say all this flashing and plugging is driving me bats......
  11. Makes sense. Well I don't know when I'll be able to get to this because like I said this is a monster week for me and a really, really terrible week for a computer failure. I'll have to run some tests this weekend or something I suppose and then I'll probably bring this thread back to life.

    Thank you guys so much for your help.
  12. $85 Psu, $400 system...hmmm. lol. In all honesty, i guess i wasn't 100% honest. The psu can be damaged, but the main thing is, her whole system won't be. a bad psu can cause more than a bad mobo. can damage the cpu, gpu, ram, hdd, you name it!
  13. You mean you're doing the electric jolt stuff to this thread too???????
  14. under the right/wrong circumstances, it can cause you to have to replace flooring! they do make a pretty big bang under those right/wrong
  15. Jolt is amazing! i got a case of the raspberry for my B-Day!
  16. Ok, now we'll wait till you revive this thread...... till then.....flash on flash off:)
  17. some of the earlier x58 mobo's were junk. That v1.0 was probably the worst. see you have v2...... i wonder. anyways i think mobo first because of other problems but would never exclude the processor being over clocked for so long.
  18. I know the Deluxe V1 was not very good. Short term reviews showed that back then. The V2 was suppose to be a fixed and good version of the P6T Deluxe. I thought it was a fairly high end board, but I fear that after nearly 2 years of overclock it may be done. I know one thing, the computer I build to replace this one will have the HIGHEST END motherboard money can buy. Something like the EVGA that is made to be overclocked.

    I'd be shocked if it were the CPU. I've always been proud of that chip because I was able to achieve 4 Ghz stable while only bumping the voltage two notches in the bios(from I believe 1.2250 at stock to 1.2375), and because of that the temperatures were always what I considered in the very safe range. It hasn't been pushed hardly at all in terms of voltage or temperatures, and it hasn't spent much time doing heavily threaded apps that run it at 100% such as media decoding. Again, I'd be shocked if it were this.

    I'd be also pretty surprised if it were the power supply. Seasonic is the highest quality brand that I know of. Also, it hasn't really been pushed for very much of it's life. The computer started with a single GTX 275 and then 2 in SLI 6 months later. Then in January this year I sold them and replaced the with a single 570. In April, I bought enough monitors for surround vision and a second 570. I wouldn't say it's been pushed until April of this year. It wasn't until then that I realized the power supply actually had a variable speed fan. It had never sped up before.

    I'll eliminate the PSU soon as I have my Mom's computer now. I just won't have time to work on it until Friday.

    Since I'm pretty sure it's the motherboard, is there a chance that I can RMA this thing? I've owned it for 2.25 years and it was overclocked. Will that all void warranty? What's Asus like on RMA's?
  19. All you have to say to asus is that the board won't power on sometimes. Asus will literally inspect it with a scope of some kind, looking for any damage. You should do the same before you decide to send it in. You can request the rma and it will expire in about 30 days if you change your mind. No harm done.
  20. Well, I've taken apart the computers and tried her power supply in mine. It fired up just fine. So to be sure that it was my power supply, I plugged my old one back in....powers up just fine. I shut it down and reboot it a couple times to see if I can get it to fail that way I can plug in her PSU and make sure that's the problem. Well after playing Crysis 2 for a while, working on some spreadsheets for a while, and just surfing the net I can't get this thing to shut down again. It has been unplugged from the power for the last few days, so that probably has something to do with it, but I'm totally at a loss.

    Anyone ever seen anything like this?
  21. You may have fixed it; you may have a weak wire somewhere on the power supply, or a poor connection. Hard to say. I would run it until the problem re-appears. My monitor power cord had a kink in it and a bad wire; took awhile to figure it out but I finally changed it and the problem was solved.
  22. I have the other PSU sitting here waiting so when it fails again, I will quickly unplug mine and plug hers in and see if that changes anything. I guess I won't worry about it, but I would like to get it fixed because like I said above, I'm going to be selling this computer probably within the next month. I'm selling it to a friend so it's not like I won't be available to troubleshoot, but I don't really want to give him the computer and be like "expect a failure any moment."
  23. Well this morning I went to fire up the PC after being plugged in all night on my old PSU and sure enough, wouldn't go. I plugged in the other one and it fired right up. Plugged the old one back in to be 100% certain and it was a no go. My power supply has bitten the dust.

    Anyone ever went through the RMA process with Seasonic? Will they refurbish mine or give me a brand new one? Are they pretty good with time/willingness to replace? Still has about 2.5 years left on the warranty so they shouldn't have any problem replacing it. Hopefully the process goes smoothly.

    I would like to thank all of you who gave input into this thread. It was very much appreciated.
  24. probably like video cards. if they don't have a replacement ( used or not ) they'll give you the next newer model ( used or not )
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