Best Nvidia card under $100?

I'm looking for a good Nvidia graphics card for under $100. I'm currently looking at the BFG GeForce GTS 250 OC 750MHZ 1024MB 2.24GHZ GDDR3 for $69.99 on NCIX. I mainly need it for SCII and Skyrim (when it comes out). Is there any card better then the one I'm looking it?

BTW I'm looking for Nvidia card because Nvidia graphics cards are best supported under linux.

Comp overview:
AMD 9850 black CPU
4GB DDR2 (800) RAM
8600GT GPU
550W PSU
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  1. Go with the 400 series, I just facepalmed for not realizing you were talking about Canadian dollars... thats what I get for being presumptuous.
  2. There is a Galaxy GTS 450 on newegg right now for 75 bucks after MIR that might be another option for you.
  3. You need it to be under 100 dollars CA right? I assume becuase you are looking at NCIX.

    This has a 30 dollar rebate card.
  4. What is a rebate card?

    BTW The Galaxy GTS 250 is on newegg for roughly the same as Helltech posted but it comes with a $40 "rebate card". :/ I'm not really a fan of mail in rebate but I guess I'll think about it. Any other suggestions?
  5. A rebate card, just a mail in rebate. I've never not gotten a mail in rebate, and I've sent in a ton. Also a GT 450 is more powerful than a GTs 250 and about equal to a GTX 260, it depends on the resolution.

    Also Benski, you have to use Newegg CA, not Newegg US.

    There is a GTX 260 here...

    High shipping price though, and I'd rather have a GTS 450 personally, even if it a couple percent lower in performance. Being as that you get DX11 benefits.
  6. How much better is the GTS450 than the GTS250 OC?

    GTS 250 OC = $79.99
    GTS 450 = ~$138
    after tax and shipping.

    The rebate thing is going to be a pain in the ass to deal with too.

    BTW Does anyone know how much the "No-Wait Rebate" fee is?

    Edit: How much better is the GTX 460 786MB than the 450 1GB (galaxy gts 450 that I'm looking at)
  7. You could get a GT 430 1gb DDR3 , which is also a great card too
  8. A 430 is going to struggle with SC2 and most other modern games.

    And the 768mb version of the 460 is still close to 20% faster than the 450.
  9. benski said:
    A 430 is going to struggle with SC2 and most other modern games.

    And the 768mb version of the 460 is still close to 20% faster than the 450.

    Wont the less RAM hurt it's performance in games?

    GTX 460 768MB

    CAD 144, 94 after rebate

    That is $25 more than the GTS450 after rebate, tax and shipping. :| (~125.50)

    Edit: Note, I want to play at 1080p even if I have to lower the settings to medium.
  10. Very few games use more than 768mb even at 1920x1200, there isn't a single game that's going to run faster on a 450 just because it has more ram, the difference in GPU power is too signifigant. Check out the benches in Toms charts, the 460 is always signifigantly faster at all resolutions. Whether or not it's worth the extra 25 bucks is up to you, both are a pretty good deal, that 70 dollar gts 250 is probably the best value though.
  11. Thanks for the help guys. I'm currently talking to someone about buying the MSI GTX 460 1GB Hawk edition for $140 (well above my original budget I know) (used couple months old). If that doesn't pan out I guess I'll buy the Galaxy GTS 460 768MB off newegg.
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