PLEASE HELP: USB 3.0 Problems!

OK, so I have the ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX motherboard. I am having serious troubles with USB 3.0. It used to work fine, until I reinstalled Windows. Now the USB 3.0 ports keep messing up. I reinstall the drivers and update them through device manager using the drivers disc. If I plug something into the first USB 3.0, it works fine. If I plug something into the second one, it messes up and in device manager I have a bunch of HIC USB errors or something like that. OH, and I can't use any of the USB ports after that. They don't work. And when I press the power button, the it just stays at the Shutting Down screen.
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  1. Whats your OS?
  2. Get the latest one here. Uninstall the old one first and restart!!!

    Than install the new one.
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