Painting Stripes over existing paint on Side Panel?

Hey, I have a CM602 Advanced NVIDIA case.

On one of the side panels there is a white sign saying "design by Cooler Master". I scraped it off a bit too hard and left some metal showing.

I'm thinking of sanding two areas of this panel down and priming and spraying two stripes across the panel to fix this and make it look, in my opinion, more aesthetically pleasing.

I want to achieve a matte finish, like the rest of the case.

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience in this and if i could get away with sanding it slightly, priming it and spraying without going all the way down to the bare metal?
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  1. You'll need to use a real small grade sandpaper.... we call it a zero grade emery paper down our side.
    It's black in color and works well with water. It's used for bodywork of vehicles.
    That ought to do the trick, you'll not need to go down all the way to the metal but you really need to match the shade of black to get the right look.
    Wet that area and then sand it of the edges of the left paint on the case is going to get flakes , something you might not want.
  2. Thanks for the info.

    I'm going to get automotive paint matched to the exact colour of NVIDA green paint, and put two 5cm stripes across it, with the rest of the panel remaining matte black.

    So in your opinion sanded with zero grade but not all the way down to the metal, prime and then apply a few thin layers of the green paint should suffice?
  3. Yup!! it will fit like a glove and you won't be able to make out the difference.
  4. cool thanks very much.
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