Z77x d3h drivers

ive build my new pc, windows 7, 64bit!

i want to download all the drivers on to a pen drive, instead of going on internet on new pc with no anti virous where can i find all the drivers i need specs are :-

z77x d3h mobo
i5 3570k
8gb corsair ram
using a gti 6670 atm(until gtx 560ti comes)

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  1. If it's the motherboard drivers you want, get them from the source. Just go directly to the Gigabyte website to download them. They're typically virus free. Same goes for the graphics card drivers, if needed.
  2. or is it just as easy to use the mobo driver disk?
  3. The disk should have everything you need. The official manufacturer's site will have more up-to-date drivers, if you decide you want them later.
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