Hello, the i7-2700k just on arrive on newegg and tigerdirect :):):)
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  1. Yeah!!! And?????????
  2. That iam goign get it, and the AMD Bulldozer they were so bad compare with the i5-2500k, imagine with the i7-2700ll hehhe, and i see a picture your a AMD fan hehe
  3. lol, go get it Tiger.
    Happy for you. get the i7-2700K and post some cool benches here..... we'll be happy to see them.
    And AMD is what I use, not necessarily a fan of it.
  4. So is it worth the extra $55?
  5. Of course it's worth the extra 55 bucks , if you are an Intel Fan :)
    Hells!! I think they could have gotten away with an extra 100 with all of the following.
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