Which gamepad should i buy for my pc? Logitech f510 or xbox 360 one

I want to buy a new gamepad and my budget is Rs.2000 ($40). I do not want a wireless one and i will use it soley for pc gaming. Rumble (vibration) is necessary and it should be able to play all the latest games. I have the logitech f510 and xbox 360 controller in mind. I am worried about the analog stick position on xbox controller as i have always played on a ps3 style controller. Which one do you think is better.I am all ears for other suggestions as well.
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  1. Which one is better is all in the eyes of the beholder.

    Both of them should function the same, it just depends on which you think you will be more comfortable using.
  2. I think that, as with mice, you should try and feel the controllers before buying. Visit a hardware store and take a closer look. Then order from an online store.
  3. Personally, I fell in love with my Saitek P2600. Wish more gamepads had a 6-button layout [which you NEED for arcade games]

    FYI, the 360 controller can't use both triggers at the same time, due to the triggers being considered a Z-axis instead of two seperate buttons.
  4. Thanks to all.
  5. I think logitech is better as it is programmable
  6. ^^ And that means???
  7. gamerk316 said:
    ^^ And that means???

    It means that you can assign certain keyboard keys to controls on your gamepad through logitech profiler. Thus even if a game cannot be played with the gamepad, you can assign certain keyboard keys to it and play that game. Logitech f510 has this feature but xbox 360 does not.
  8. ^^ Use Xpadder, or one of a few hundred apps that do the same exact thing.
  9. gamerk316 said:
    ^^ Use Xpadder, or one of a few hundred apps that do the same exact thing.

    Wow. Thanks mate. Xpadder seems great. I just want to ask one thing. Do you think that there will be any problem with the left analog stick of xbox 360 controller due to its different position. Will i be able to adapt since i have always played on ps3 type controllers. Also will my performance in first person and third person shooters impove with gamepad?
    Thanks for suggesting xpadder
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