New system boots & runs for 60 sec, then shuts down

System boots, but shuts down after 60 seconds. Brand new. No beep codes. One beep. On board lights look good. They light up & then turn off as memory, CPU, and boot device are checked. It doesn't matter if your booting or massaging BIOS. 60 seconds everything turns off. Power supply fan is running, video is showing BIOS/booting data, USB keyboard is working.

I'm not sure how to trouble shoot since everything seems to work, but only for 60 seconds.

System: Asus Sabertooth X58 mobo, Intel i7 950 CPU, Antec 430W EA-430D PSU, G.Skill DDR3-1866 PC3-14900 memory

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  1. Can you check your CPU temps in the BIOS? This sounds like the CPU overheating; many boards will kill the system if the CPU exceeds a certain threshold, whether in BIOS or booted to whatever OS. I once seated a CPU cooler poorly and booted from DVD to install Windows, only to have it shut down repeatedly when the CPU hit 100C (ack!!)
  2. I couldn't check my temps, but I did check the CPU fan/heat sink. It was loose!!!! I notice the holes on the mobo aren't exactly lined up with the holes on the chassis. I've got to look at that, then the heat sink should tie up tight.... I'll let you-all know. Thanks.

  3. That was it..... THAT WAS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reset the heat sink.........

    Many Thanks,
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