Is my card causing BSOD?

I've been playing a lot of The Witcher 2 lately and things were fine initially but around halfway through the game my PC started crashing and rebooting. I don't actually see the BSOD but when Windows restarts that's the diagnosis it gives me. At first it would simply reboot but the last time there was a buzzing and the display got screwy, leading me to believe it's the GPU. Your thoughts?

More info: it's an OC'd 6850 - 775/4000 1.15v @ 900/4400 1.20v. The board is an Asus Sabertooth, which I used to Auto OC my i7 and RAM (then manually fine tune clock speed and vcore). Running Win7 x64 with 4GB RAM.

More more info: I also noticed that before the latest crash my card was being taxed pretty heavily, a consistent 90-95% load. Temps were just barely over 60C though.
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  1. Does it happen with the card not overclocked?
  2. BSOD's can be caused of very particular reasons, not related to temperature directly, but volting. So try doing it at stock clocks (and volts, lol) and go little by little from there.

  3. An update:

    I ran Furmark for longer than usual and nothing happened so I assumed my card's OC is stable, then I went on to Intel Burn Test and passed the standard test as usual, but when I set it to high (more RAM testing) I failed. So I go into BIOS and it looks like my sticks were clocked way too high. I ended up underclocking them and passed the test.

    So I loaded up the part of the game that gave me the most trouble - a huge battle in the rain with lots of magic effects and other fancy stuff. No freezing! A few hours later I finished the game without any issues :)
  4. You mean your system ram was overclocked?

    That would certainly cause bsod.
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