Gaming pc or ps3

I can't decide where to spend my money. A gaming pc is going to run me $800-900 to make it worthwhile. A ps3 is $300 even.

I currently have a 360 i use to play most multiplats because it's the cheapest in between and an old core duo pc i use for internet browsing.

I dont do anything that crazy minus watching vids and playing games which what i have works fine. I just want something that does a little bit more.

ps3 exclusives are just as impressive to me as pc exclusives. I think the bump in graphics on these games is pretty negligable although fanboys will tell me omg the pc is so much better blah, blah.

I've researched it enough and know enough about computers where it's really not imo. The games that are pushing the limits of these systems are about the same.

It really comes down to do i want to play games like uncharted 3, twisted metal, grand turismo or starcraft 2 and other nitch games the pc has that consoles don't.

I can't decide that's the problem........ I'd like to get both and steam and trash my 360. That would be the best of both worlds but i don't have enough unfortunately..... A PC is pushing as it is.

Should i just get a ps3 to go with the 360 and wait for the next consoles which will trump the pc anyways? IT seems to be the cheapest most logical route.
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  1. i'm looking at this pc. or this one.

    The first one i'd swap out the power supply and put in a radeon 6850. So $579 + 50 +200 = 829.

    I've looked at building my own pc but the savings is the same price. I can get this prebuilt which has eveyrthing i want for the same price. I need windows 7 anyways.

    I've priced it out. Trust me. It's the same price.

    The first pc is actually cheaper and i'll get a better graphics card. 6850 vs 6750..... But it's an i5 vs an i7. Both are sandy bridge.

    I've also considered a gaming laptop but meh...... Or waiting for the bulldozer cpu. But sandy bridge will be good I think. It's the same thing.
  2. well for the most part a prebuilt pc will not be able to overclock. you can wait for the bulldozer but who knows if it will be better?
    You could build a decent pc off of $829. I can't answer the question of should u get a pc or a ps3. I personally would get a ps2 but I like jrpgs. here my stab at the 829 budget. sometimes machines from best buy can use some subpar parts

    cpu + mobo 320
    OS 100
    psu 59
    gpu 160
    memory 55
    case 70
    HDD 60
    DVD burner 20

    total 844 (no tax) b4 rebates and shipping. you get usb 3.0, a better mobo, better cpu, probably slightly better ram, more hard drive space, a cooler case (you could shave off some $ there) and longer warantees. You dont get a computer right out of the box, a wifi card, a media reader.
  3. Get the pc...if u want to play fps shooter games...
    Or else go for ps3 if to adventure/racing type games..
    But u can play all types of game in a pc..but u can't on a console very well
    and last reason ..u can upgrade ur pc..acc. To games
    but what if a new console hit the then u can't play ur older games..i.e. U can't play ps2 games on ps3
    but u can play ur old games on pc means ur previous buy wouldn't b a waste...think abou it
  4. PC!!!!!!!!
  5. Pc
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