Games keep freezing.

So I have Nvidia GeForce GTS 250, 4 gig ram, games crash and I can\'t even ctrl alt del out of it. Only choice is to turn the machine off, which sucks. I am over clocked and tried going back to default settings. My friend helped me build this rig and it has always given me problems. Is there something in BIOS i should do? Please help.
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  1. ok, what is your processor and power supply before we go any further.
  2. AMD Athlon 240
    can't remember power supply, sorry to say i just bought the most expensive one, expert said it was really good.
  3. I should say that the cpu is overclocked. Should I go back to the default? How would i do that?
  4. ok, the cpu needs to be set to default and see what happens. My guess is its the OC you have on it. Do you have a temperature monitor app like CoreTemp on there? what are your temps on that chip? What is stock speeds and your OC speeds? What is your voltage set at?
  5. you mean the voltage to the cpu?
  6. yes
  7. cpu voltage control- 0.025- 1.45 mhz
    cpu nb vid control- normal-1.800
    how do i reset my cmos?
    Sorry guys, i really am a novice.
  8. ok, you need to run CoreTemp on your computer and tell us the temps, and then you need to run Prime95. It should run for at least 2 hours. and you can do other things with it...maybe, since your computer is having issues. both are google found apps.

    **novices should not OC. read forums on this and do some research.
  9. I wish it had never been oc'd. The guy helping me do this sold me on it. He no longer lives in town. bummer.
  10. cpu- 28 degrees c
    tj max- 72 degrees c
  11. max temp is WAY too high. if older amd chips can hold this heat, im sorry but im unaware. i know newer ones only allow 55c AMD, and 62c enthusiasts. This is most likely a fried cpu.
  12. i got the temps. if i run prime 95 and it finds a problem, will it tell me what the problem is?
  13. if it runs for 2 hours i would be highly surprised. that oc is way to high for your hsf. you need to drop those temps. i would not run prime95 with that clock.

    are you running stock hsf?
  14. Just do what 384-bit suggested, there's a good chance that'll fix it. Don't worry about Prime95 right now, just unplug the computer from the wall, open it up, ground yourself, and pull the little battery on the motherboard out for a minute or two, put it back in and turn it back on. Let us know how that works out for you :) !
  15. no, i added a fan, and have a ton of heat sinc. so how do scrap all this and just go back to safe levels? I don't even want to overclock anyway.
  16. Refer to my previous post ^^^
  17. I am going to do it. To get to it, i have to take out my video card. that aproblem? shouldn't be i don't think. Do i need a grounding bracelet or can i just touch the frame? isn't there a clip holding it in? Thanks so much. I will let you know how it works.
  18. ^You're right, it's just one of those things I do anyway, I just touch the case really quick, kinda a habit :lol:. But yeah, he's right, removing the GPU is easy, it's not a problem at all.
  19. I did all that, my computer seems a little slower and still freezes up during the game, any other ideas? it freezes at the same point every time.
  20. replace the cpu. you broke it
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