ASU8S M4A785-M Random shutdown

This is my system:

- Motherboard ASUS M4A785-M
- AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core, 2.5 GHz
- Net Realtek PCIe GBE
- HDD WesternDigital Caviar Green 3.5 TB
- ATI Radeon HD4830 512 MB DDR3 (just the card:
- Power Supply: ULTRA ATX 600 watts (more info:
- ULTRA Carbon X3 Multi-socket Heat sink
- OS Win 7 Ultimate 32bit

I've been using this since 2 months ago without complaints, but last week my PC turned off maybe after 1 hour of use, and from then, started to shutdown randomly without any pattern. First I thought it was overheating so i replaced the thermal compound in the GPU and the temp reduced aprox. 10 degrees, I did some tests and the temp was OK. Then i thought the power cable from power supply was damaged but it was working on other systems. Lastly, i made some voltage tests on the power supply but everything seems to be fine, it could be the wattage in my house?, these shutdowns can occur from 3 hours of use or 5 minutes, and sometimes 10 seconds after turning on and then I have to restart the power supply in order to turn it on again. It could be some incompatibility problem between the PSU and the motherboard? I did the last upgrade of ASUS: the 10006 but it didn't help. I would appreciate any advice, thanks.
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  1. bad mobo. had this happen on my old rig. would shut down randomly. it is slowly dying. replace it before you have a paper weight. could cause damage to your psu if it shoots power back too. bad mobo!!!
  2. Thanks casualbuilder!, but there's another thing about the mobo, due to the problems, I replaced the PSU with a costume ATX Extreme 450 watts (this one came with the original barebone kit i bought in CompUSA), but this time without the GPU (because the GPU has a 6pin PCI entrance, and this PSU comes just with a 8pin connection) and since this change, everything works just fine, no more shutdowns anymore. It still could be the mobo?
  3. huh...its a bad power supply then. i changed my mind. if you changed out the psu, then its definately the psu. buy a reputable psu, Corsair, Antec, and Seasonic.
  4. Thanks a lot builder!, then I shipping back this junk to ULTRA. Greetings
  5. Would you recommend me that Corsair HX750W??
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    YES!!! that is the same unit i use in my build. It is very reliable, and built "Ford Tuff" Voltages are steady, and it keeps my system running in top performance. Very good PSU.
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