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Hey guys, so I'm using a p8z77-v pro board with an i5-3570k and decided to use the auto tuning. I used extreme and might I say, watching how high it will go was SO suspenseful. So once it reached 4.5ghz on ratio it crashed and automatically powered down, I know it's supposed to do this. But when it powered on it would power on for 3 seconds and off then up for 2 and off the up and finally the mobo speaker would beep and then post and boot correctly into windows and continue tuning with bclk. It reached 4.63 then turned off and then did te same thing as before, power on and off about 3 times before getting that post "beep" sound. Loads into windows and tells me it overclocked to only 4.53. If it was stable at 4.6 to go to 4.63 why didn't it go to that? But anyways.

I'm worried about the computer powering on and off like that. Everything is working fine ATM. Voltage idles at 1.192 and goes up to 1.296 in prime. Maybe to high? It felt like a horror movie watching it power on and off like that. Am I ok? Is it powering on and off to do some things internally? And why did it only give me 4.53 when it passed the stability test at 4.6?
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  1. Hi there,

    Do u have aftermarket CPU cooler?
  2. Those auto utilities are not the best thing to OC : )
  3. I'm not seeing where it was stable at 4.6.

    This sounds like more trouble than it's worth to me. Just stick it at 4.4 or something with the default voltage and you'll be fine.
  4. U can go to BIOS and adjust it just by punching in the number.
  5. Go to BIOS>Advanced>AI Tweaker tab to manipulate the processor speed.

    AI overclocke tuner change to manual

    Type only number 44x multiplier @ By all cores slot where it says auto.

    Than press F10 button to save and exit.

    It will OC to 4.4GHz.

    Looks somewhat like this windows.

  6. But OC only if u have aftermarket CPU cooler!
  7. So would you not use the TPU switch on the motherboard it says it overclocks it to a stable state, I have a similar thread
  8. While you can get solid overclock out of these processors,

    it isnt going to be as good as what you could get manually.

    Turning on the TPU switch is the same as turning on auto-overclocking in the BIOS.

    I prefer manual BIOS OC.
  9. I'm using a noctua nh-d14. Temps in prime are 65-68 and 32-34 on idle. I have already uninstalled asus suite (so many processes) but I feel like keeping the oc, partly because it oced my memory.

    With this fan I'm looking toward 4.6 or 4.7 but can someone answer the main question?
  10. The last computer I built (not my latest one my first one i built) i manually did it and it's really screwed up so I'm scared to do it manually
  11. garrettk4 said:
    The last computer I built (not my latest one my first one i built) i manually did it and it's really screwed up so I'm scared to do it manually

    How so.
  12. I was like 15 at the time an my friend was over an he supposedly knew how to overclock and cranked up my e7200 (Core 2Duo) up to 3.8ghz on the stock cooler. An he said just play around with it an you will figure it out.

    Fast forward 5 years the computer bit the dust and I realize i shouldn't have played around with it, especially when it was on its stock cooler, Pretty sure it got fried and it doesn't help that the motherboard ram slots failed too :P

    So i have my new one listed in my sig. It's already fast but I'm curious about overclocking
  13. Asus motherboards tend to do this a lot. The best way to force a full reinitialization of the clock generator and associated power delivery hardware (especially since Asus uses proprietary DSPs to manage power, other manufacturers do not) is to actually completely power down the system and power it up again. This usually won't happen if you're overclocking manually but the autotune programs are known to do it.
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