Ripjaw X VS Ripjaw VS Sniper Series

What is the difference between the three and which one is most recommended? I'm leaning towards the SNiper Series because of the LP look to them they should not cause any clutter problems on my board. Just sucks they are 20 bucks more expensive than the Ripjaws. Any advice? Thanks!
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    There's lots of "Ripjaw's" typically the Ripjaw vs Sniper is the frequency, voltages and CAS timings, in particular the lower voltage kits of the Sniper series. The older Ripjaw's are more LGA 1156/AMD and the newer Ripjaw X are LGA 1155/AM3+ optimized XMP for Intel only. Further, the Ripjaw Z are meant for LGA 2011.

    My only 'bitch' of the Sniper series are its IMO juvenile styled 'gun' heatsink.'
  2. So is it worth it for me to spend an extra 20 dollars on the snipers compared to ripjaw x?
  3. Q - What CPU & MOBO?
    Q - What OS?
    Q - What Budget?

    For anyone who's going to ask my answer is no, but that's an empty answer.
  4. i53570k

    ASRock Extreme4 Z77

    Windows 7 Home Full
  5. not spending over 900
  6. Then get a 2x4GB of DDR3-1600 CAS 8 or 9 @ 1.50v -- assuming it's a 64-bit of Windows Home Premium.

    The better kits are the DDR3L (low voltage) F3-12800CL9D-8GBXM or F3-12800CL9D-8GBSR1.
  7. So in your opinion then the snipers are better because of low voltage?
  8. I prefer the 1.35v kits and use them myself. In the long term they're easier on the CPU.

    edit/ DDR3L kits are dual voltage and operate at either 1.35v or 1.50v. Server's RDIMM memory has been migrating towards low voltage RAM for some period of time.
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