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Which graphic card is better??

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  1. The 5850.
  2. jk136 said:

    The hd5850 is better, but what are your system specs and PSU. If you have a strong enough system to pull the card through, the hd5850 wins hands-down.
  3. The 5850 is better.
  4. Dare I ask why is the deactivated card better?
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    5850 is around 20% faster than GTX460, so it's better. Also it consumes around the same amount of power, while being a lot faster and cheaper:
  6. aaron88_7 said:
    Dare I ask why is the deactivated card better?

    Newegg deactivates and re-activates things all the time. The hd5850s are about 2 years old now, and getting harder to find.
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