What size PSU to get

I plan on building a new system:
Asus sabertooth 99FX MB
2x Sapphire 6950 2GB CF
8GB (4x2) Mushkin Blackline(1.35v) PC3 1600 Memory
AMD 1090T 3.2 x6
Asus BR dvd/cd/ /-RW
Patriot WF MLC SSD

Just need to know what size PSU to buy. I have my eye on the:
Corsair HX750 Modular
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  1. ^ Yes that HX750 can handle that setup without any issues,... Or you could get the XFX 850W XXX PRO for about ~$10 more which will be even better if overclocking both graphic and CPU, not that the 750HX cant handle, but the 850W would have more headroom...

    Also you have posted the same thread thrice, reason ?? browser issue ??
  2. "XFX 850W XXX PRO"

    I have the 750w version of this PSU and while im extremely happy with it performance, the cable lengths are really short! The motherboard 24pin and 8pin especially ive had to send directly across the middle of my case just to reach where they need to be plugged in. I could obviously buy some extensions if i really wanted to do more cable management but its not an ideal situation.

    Im using the coolermaster storm scout case. So if your using anything bigger, such as a full-tower case, i dont know that id recommend the XFX purely based on the cable lengths.
  3. HX850
  4. the 750 will work fine
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