What size PSU to get?

I plan on building a new system:
Asus sabertooth 99FX MB
2x Sapphire 6950 2GB CF
8GB (4x2) Mushkin Blackline(1.35v) PC3 1600 Memory
AMD 1090T 3.2 x6
Asus BR dvd/cd/ /-RW
Patriot WF MLC SSD

Just need to know what size PSU to buy. I have my eye on the:
Corsair HX750 Modular
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  1. I think 750W would be fine but personally i'd get 850W because i'm captain overkill.
  2. Especially if overclocking I would have to agree with the above that go with the 850W.

    At least your machine will run closer to the optimal range ( 50-75% ) when fully loaded.

    I have the HX850 in two machines, and it is great. So if you decide to go with the 750W the HX750 will be really nice.
    But if you go with 850W, I can warmly recommend the HX850.
    High 80+ silver efficiency, semi modular design, 7 year warranty excellent test results.
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