Will Msi Gtx 580 Lightning Bottleneck with my Pc Set up?

Here's my current pc


Psu is not a problem coz im upgrading my Psu.
I will be changing my case aswell.
If i upgrade my graphics card with msi 580 lightning, will there be
a bottleneck??
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  1. No you'll be fine. Make sure you get a GOOD PSU please. Don't get a peice of trash and regret it later on.

    You can overclock the CPU a little to help.
  2. You're fine, just make sure you have a good PSU and space for GTX580 ;)
  3. Your probably ok, but there is a simple way to find out if your cpu is a bottleneck.

    Run a gpu benchmark and record the score. Then overclock your cpu 200mhz and run the benchmark again. If you scored higher on the overclocked run, then you were cpu bottlenecked.
  4. Thanks for your reply guys.

    When the turbo boost is on it reaches
    3.3 on my cpu when i run cpu-z
    do you think that would be enough
    for gtx 580?
  5. your CPU should be fine, it's powerful enough to handle any card.
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