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Power Source MOBO Question

Hey guys-

I purchased a new mobo, Pcu and gpu and just finished putting everything together. I'm using and old PS w/350 watt output....

Mobo recommends a 450 watt ps... I want to know if i can use the 350 watt?

Sys specs:
Asus m5a97 mobo
Amd fx 4100 CPU
GeForce 210 gpu

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Going by the specs posted, you should be safe with a 350w power supply. It looks like your motherboard has an 8-pin EATX12V connector, and your old PSU probably has a 4-pin plug. That should also be ok. I don't know the age/condition of the old PSU, but it can probably be used as a stopgap should you choose to get a newer power supply later on. Though, a higher watt PSU is recommended if you decide to get a better graphics card.
  2. Right, my PS has a 4 pin connector. But also, my mobo has a 24 pin EATXPWR connector and my PS only has 20 pins. That's the other thing I'm not so sure about.
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    Oh, that is a problem. Didn't realize your PSU is that old. Even slightly-newer-old ones have a "20+4 pin" for the EATXPWR, besides the 4-pin EATX12V. If that's what you're missing, you'll have to get a new PSU for that system. Depending where you shop, you can get a decent one for about $30-40.
  4. Darn- I was getting hopeful for a minute there, but I guess 30 bucks won't break my wallet. Thanks for the help!
  5. Depending on how soon you're looking to buy, Newegg has a Corsair 430w for $42 (free shipping/maybe tax). It also has a $20 mail in rebate that is good til the 23rd.
  6. Good price man thanks for the link.
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