Freezes- Hardware or Software?

Ok Guys,

I am at my wits end. Computer randomly freezes up (Could be during something, could be at idle). I just replaced the Video Card, and the Power Supply. Both are functioning as intended. Here are some specs on the relic I call a computer.

Intel Dual Core Extreme QX6850 Processor
PNY Geforce 550 ti Video card
Asus Striker II extreme Mobo
4G Patriot PC-6400 Memory
CoolerMaster 1200w PS
4 Barracuda 75 Gig hard drives in Raid
Windows Vista 64

Is 91C too hot for that processor? That is the only thing I can think of....

I ran registry cleaners, driver wipers, memory tests, CPU tests, and I am out of ideas..... About to throw this in the junk pile.

When it freezes, no power is lost, it stays on the screen that was up but with no keyboard or mouse movements, etc...

Any ideas?
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  1. It runs like that after about 5 min.... doing NOTHING.... :fou:
  2. Does a high temp like that mean the CPU is shot or that is needs to be regreased/reseated?

    Its got a HUGE heatsink/fan on the CPU itself, along with 2 6 inch case fans and a 10 inch case fan
  3. I took the heatsink off and what was left of the thermal grease was like chalk.
  4. Ok, cleaned the HELL out of everything in the case, all fans, etc... re-applied new thermal grease, put the same heatsink on, and the temps so far have dropped from 90-ish to the low 40s. Lets see if that was it, I hope so!! I will keep yall posted!!

    Thanks Dirtyferret!
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