Anyone ever use All Components RAM?

I have an older computer that I'm fooling around with and want to up the RAM. Of course as most know the older the technology get the harder it is to find and tends to be more expensive. This computer use old DDR RAM and for the most part prices go from 25 to 40+ dollars. I did happen to find some RAM pretty cheap it is around 20 or 21 dollars a stick and is made by All Components Inc. Given the price it's pretty tempting to buy but how is the quality. I have never heard of them before and with such a cheap price compared to better name brands I have to wonder if their components are junk.
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  1. I've never heard of All Components before, i'd say the chances of getting memory with errors is just about the same as if you were to buy one of the mainstream brands. Just make sure they offer some kind of warranty and run memtest86 to ensure it is error-free.
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