Better motherboard ?

So I have two motherboards one I just got and one I have had for a long time. So I thought it was time for a new one and well now that I think about it... I don't know that the new one i got is better or not. Could you please enlighten me on this.

the ASRock 970 extreme3 or the ASUS M4A87TD EVO???

the rest of my system :
Nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti
8 gigs of ram
amd phenom II x4 945
antec df-85
1000w antec cp series
500g hard drive


ps: if you have a suggestion for a different motherboard feel free to say it.
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  1. Better for what? The Asrock will accept AM3+ CPU's but with the same other hardware they are going to perform exactly the same. You want an upgrade get this everything else will transfer over.
  2. gaming computer is what I'm aiming at but my budget (if i send the asrock back) would be around 160$ ...but I don't really like Intel.
  3. thanks ! :) i am actually gunna buy this ! :)
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